iSpine is an industry leader

There is no substitute for industry experience and expertise


Innovation and Discovery

Our experts design, develop and manufacture spinal
instruments & implants to globally accepted standards


Ongoing Support

iSpine has a dedicated team that are always available to
support neuro & spinal surgeons and their staff


CADISS® system by Auxin Surgery

A novel line of medical devices for the selective dissection of pathological tissues and fibrosis


Belinda Malan: +27 83 274 8685 |
Craig Morrison: +27 76 754 4190 |

Our History

Several years of input, design and development from leaders in the medical and engineering industries have culminated in industry-leading products, offering surgeons the best possible package for their patients.

iSpine Mission

Our company’s mission is to provide excellence, both in terms of product and service, whilst not losing sight of rising costs.

Bettering Lives

Our products greatly assist surgeons in their quest to improve the quality of life of their patients, while keeping in mind the rising costs of medical technology.

Why we love Medical Technology

As a medical technology concern, we are becoming more focussed on developing products that deliver cost effective, faster and more efficient patient care. With industry leaders in the medical and engineering fields advancing the iSpine range we pride ourselves in delivering excellent value to our clients.