Cadiss® Surgical System

Efficient, safe and easy dissection


The Aim

CADISS® facilitates the tissue dissection by weakening adhesions between tissues.

The System

CADISS® enables topical application of the drug at the surgery site. Within seconds, the adhesion is weakened and separation is performed with the same instrument.

The Benefits

  • Reduce surgery side-effects
  • Saves time
  • Reduce relapses
  • Facilitates procedures

Proof of Principle

Conclusive tests in 8 indications in ENT, neurosurgery, gynecology and gastroenterology with published results of about 900 patients.


Absence of toxicity demonstrated, no side effects/no risks, registered as CE Class III, tested in many investigational clinical trials (13 published studies, 900 patients).

Chemically assisted dissection

Disulfide bonds, very frequent in fibrosis, are in large part responsible for the strength of adherence between tissues. Topical application of the drug Mesna breaks selectively these disulfide bonds, resulting in weakened adhesions. This CADISS® system was invented by a team of the University of Parma under the direction of Professor Carlo Zini.

Selective mechanical dissection without cutting

CADISS® enables a selective dissection WITHOUT cutting by using the Mesna dispended through its surgical instruments. Therefore, surrounding organs are well preserved (nerves and veins).